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Kashmir Conflict

Assabah Khan is a filmmaker and peace activist in Kashmir. She gave the following speech in Tübingen on the 18.11.2007 at the Culture of Peace Event

I am proud to belong to that part of the world where the Indus valley civilization flourished, and I carry with myself the rich legacy of the Buddhist and Shaivite civilizations enriched by the Islamic civilization. We, as gracious citizens of the world, should not support any kind of militarization, enforced disappearances, arbitrary detentions, custodial deaths, mass rapes, burning down of villages, crack downs, internal displacements, use of humans as human shields which is today’s Kashmir. Vox Populi must prevail and people should be free to determine their will. Islamic civilization in the seventh century AD emerged to add the fragrance of Saffron to the milk of Indus valley, Buddhist and Shavite civilizations in Kashmir, to the Mesopotamian and Pharronic civilizations in middle east and rich heritage of Hebrews and Judaism in Jerusalem. Committed to the long-term peace in South Asia and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir conflict, I appeal to the international community to act and make states of India and Pakistan to pursue politics of rationalism as the Kashmir conflict involves the future of 12.5 million Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control and our decisions today will affect our future generations in Kashmir. Germany gives me hope. I have got this piece of wall from Berlin to spread the message of peace throughout the world. If the Berlin wall could be broken, why not the wall of the LOC on both sides of Kashmir? Germany was united after fragmented by US, USSR, UK and France. I am hopeful history will repeat itself and Kashmir will be united after being ruled by India, Pakistan and China. I have a vision of Kashmir where the Head of State could claim himself to be Servos Servo rum Dei!

From this Platform in order to have long lasting PEACE in the world
Let us light the candle of Faith;
Let us light the candle of Knowledge;
Let us light the candle of Love;
Let us light the candle of Peace.

Definitely faith leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to love and love leads to Peace.

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