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Station: Philippines, May 2008

The tour took place in late May 2008 in the museum “Dabawenyo” in Davao City on Mindanao (one of the three big Philippine islands). The most important supporter of the tour was “Bread for the World” and many of their local partner organizations.  They are coordinated by Consulting Team Inc. (CIT), which helped a lot with the preparation and the month-long planning of the project.  Monica Davis – who worked as a research Assistant at the Institute for Peace Education from October 2006 to July 2008 – and Jasna Bastic were the facilitators. Jasna organizes peace education programs on the “Peace Boat” and is connected to the Institute for Peace Education since many years. The Journalist Tilman Wörtz was taking part in the Peace counts on tour already for the 4th time. Together with the photographer Paul Hahn he lead workshops for local Journalists on the Philippines.

The success of the exhibition was overwhelming: More than 2000 visitors came to see the exhibition “Peace Builders around the World” and about 200 persons were attending the workshops.

Remarkable about this station was the fact that according to the people involved the intense phase of preparation strengthened the local network of peace activists, and NGOs a lot. A cooperation between different actors in society emerged. I.e. not only professional peace workers and facilitators but also groups of the indigenous population and former rebels took part in the workshops and the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Also the cooperation between civil society groups and the local authorities improved: The administration agreed to provide a new museum for an exhibition about peace, which is by no means self-evident in a crisis region.

During the tour the local partners came up with the idea of establishing a permanent “Peace Counts Hall” in the museum, which should be equipped with reproductions of parts of the exhibition. This project was accomplished just after the main tour was finished.

One special new feature, which was offered during the workshops, was the so-called “storytelling”. Local partners facilitated this particular popular and well-known Philippine method of conflict resolution, which fundamentally enriched the setting.

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