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The Work of the Institute

Initiating projects, developing educational media, implementation of model projects
• Development of publications about didactic methods.
• Creation of audio-visual media such as videos, CD-ROMs and internet applications.
• Writing brochures and advice books for parents, educators or youth with titles such as "Augen auf beim Spielzeugkauf" (“What to be Aware of when Buying Toys”), "Gewaltfrei leben lernen" (“Learning to live non-violently”) oder "Mut zur Einmischung" (“Gaining the Courage to Intervene”).
• Monitoring activities and model projects.
• Managing projects, developing project designs and creating new proposals.

Seminars, Conferences, Discussions, and Activities for Teachers
• “Training of the trainers” through workshops and seminars and continuing education events.
• Conferences for experts, discussions and consulting activities.
• University courses at the Institute for Political Science at the University of Tübingen

Participation in expert committees, research groups and councils.
Among others, the Institute is involved in:
• The German UNESCO-Commission, research group Culture of Peace
• Round Table “Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung” (“Education for Sustainable Development)
• “Eine Welt Internet-Konferenz” (“One World Internet-Conference”)
• Round Table “Violence Prevention Tübingen”
• Committee of the Decade to Overcome in the Protestant National Church
• Advisory board for the magazine “Perspektive Mediation” (“Perspectives for Mediation”)
• Research group “Peace Education” in the AFK (“Working Group for Peace and Conflict Research”)

Expert Consultations and Reports
• Writing a report for the GTZ (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit) concerning education and conflict.
• Advising about projects for the Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung (German Foundation for Peace Research).
• Giving advice on organizing projects and printing publications.
• Developing model seminars (for example, on the topic of “Developing Moral Courage”).

The ift is part of a network of media specialists and service providers, who have made it possible for projects and publications to be produced and published quickly and professionally. This network includes: graphic designers, camera crews, computer programmers, actors, photographers, media specialists, translators and publishing houses, the press and even a sound studio.

The Office for “the Hans-Götzelmann-Prize for Streitkultur (Culture of Disputation)”
Since 2001, the ift has served as the office for the “Hans-Götzelmann-Prize for Culture of Disputation.” With this prize, the Berghof Research Center awards projects in which children and youth have become involved in deescalating violence and advocating constructive ways to manage conflicts.

Wide array of information on the internet.
• Substantial background materials and services.
• Free downloads of almost all ift publications.
• Classroom and seminar materials.
• Online-literature-databank.

The website of the ift:
Information for children:

Services, Contracted work
The ift undertakes the development and production of printed materials and media for third parties when the materials are relevant to those covered by the ift. Clients have included, among others, das Landesinstitut für Schule und Weiterbildung (The State Institute for Schools and Continuing Education), Soest, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (The Federal Center for Political Education), Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (German Confederation of Trade Unions, the Youth Division).

The organization “Bread for the World” and the ift have been working together since 1995 on the "Schulprojektstelle Globales Lernen" (School Project Global Learning).

Publications and Sales
The publications are printed in the Institute’s own publishing house. The materials are sold over an internet-shop as well as in bookshops.
To choose from are:
• Books and brochures
• CD-ROMs and videos
• Posters and cartoon posters

Organization and Administration
• Public lending library with over 10,000 volumes, magazines and a media library. (Opening hours: Monday through Thursday, 2-5pm). Online catalogue of the ift.
• Organization of the office,
• Project accounting,
• Bookkeeping,
• Member support,
• Member administration.

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