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Overview of Topics at the Institute

Peace Education
• Reference publications including the issue “Gewalt muss nicht sein. Einführung in friedenspädagogisches Denken und Handeln” (“Violence does not have to happen. An Introduction to Peace Education Thought and Action”).
• Development of the “Handbuch Friedenserziehung“ (“Handbook for Peace Education”) for the Weltfriedensdienst.
• Organization of conferences, dialogues, lectures and seminars on the topic of peace education.
• English Information on the internet:

Children, War and Peace
• Information for children over the internet:
• Brochure “Kriegsangst bei Kindern“ (“Children's Fear of War”).
• Collection of literature: Children's Books about War and Peace.
• Collection of literature: Children's Books about National Socialism and Neo-Nazis.
• Online-Childrens’ Book: “Der Krieg und sein Bruder“ (“The War and his Brother”).
• Online-Information: Forum Demokratie leben lernen (Forum for Learning about Democracy)

Toys of Violence
• Advice brochure “Augen auf beim Spielzeugkauf” (“What to be Aware of when Buying Toys”).
• Seminars, Topics for public speakers.
• Information on “Gewaltspielzeug” (“Toys of Violence”).

Violence / Preventing Violence
• CD-ROMs “X-Krisen” and “Max”
• Violence Prevention Round Table Tübingen.
• Study: “Violence and Preventing Violence.”
• Handbook “Preventing Violence in Elementary Schools.”
• Information on the internet:

Conflict Management
• Seminars and Continuing Education Possibilities.
• Cartoon series: “Streitkultur” (“Culture of Disputation”), “Konfliktgeschichten” (“History of Conflict”).
• CD-ROM “Konflikte XXL”
• Peace Counts.
• Information on the internet about conflict management.

Making Peace
• Peace Counts School, Exhibit, Learning Stations, Internet.
• CD-ROM “Peace Counts. The Best Reports.”
• Peace Boat – peace university at sea.
• Cartoon: “Friedensstrategien” (“Peace Strategies”).
• Reference book: “Soft Power.”
• Reference book: “Global Handeln für Frieden und Entwicklung” (“Global Action for Peace and Development”).

Art and Peace
• CD-ROM “Frieden hören” (“Listening to Peace”).
• Publication “Die Kunst des Friedens” (“The Art of Peace”).

Inter-cultural Learning
• Handbook “Weltsichten” (“World Perspectives”).
• CD-ROM “Konflikte XXL.”

War, Security Policy, Arms, the Military
• Didactic Peace Report 2004.
• Sipri Mini-Yearbook 2006 in German.
• CD-ROM “Konflikte XXL_Global.”
• Topic sheets to discuss in the classroom.
• Substantial information on the internet under “Kriegsgeschehen verstehen” (“Understanding why Wars Happen”).

Non-violence / Courage to stand up for one’s beliefs
• Handbook “Zivilcourage lernen” (“Learning Moral Courage”).
• Issue: “Wir werden nicht weichen. Erfahrungen mit Gewaltfreiheit” (“We will not give way. Experiences with Non-violence”).
• Topic sheets to discuss in the classroom.
• Substantial information on the internet.
• Seminars.

Violence in the Media
• Media packet “Krieg im Fernsehen” (“War on television”).
• Report for the GTZ “Kinder, Medien und Gewalt” (“Children, the Media and Violence”).
• Discussion for experts on “Kinder, Medien und Gewalt” (“Children, Media and Violence”).
• Didactic materials “Krieg in Bildschirmmedien” (“War in Television Media”).
• Multimedia building blocks from the CD-ROM “Konflikte XXL.”

Sports and Fair-Play
• World Cup project for schools across Germany 2006.
• Topic sheets to discuss in the classroom.
• Materials for Kick Forward.
• Internet information about Peace Education and Fair Play.

Global Learning / Education for Sustainability
• “Global Lernen” (Global Learning)- Service for Teachers (currently 30 issues).
• CD-ROMs “Global-lernen”, “Basic Needs.”
• School project Globales Lernen together with “Bread for the World.”
• Member of the “Eine-Welt-Internet-Konferenz” (One-World-Internet Conference).

Methods of Political Education
• Methodological manual “Neues Lernen” (“New Ways of Learning”), 2 volumes.
• Seminars about methodology.
• Assistance in the classroom “Vertretungsstunden mit Pfiff” (A Special Stand-in Class).
• Publication “Politische Bildungsarbeit praktisch” (Practical Political Education)

Learning with New Media
• Development of educational media CD-ROMs, internet applications, etc.
• Development of e-learning courses.

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