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The Georg Zundel House

“Building a house means always being unified behind its walls and having a border to the outside world. I think that this house is special because seven components which are necessary for peace education are unified in it: expertise, tolerance, dedication, diversity, fantasy, steadfastness, and a world outlook.”
Prof. Dr. Horst Fischer, Chairman of the Council for the Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies, at the opening ceremony of the George-Zundel-House

Ift’s Office
Since July 2002, the office of the Institute for Peace Education has been in the Berghof Research Center’s Georg-Zundel-House on the Correnstrasse in Tübingen. With its large and modernly equipped rooms, this house has made it possible to bring together our various work topics under one roof. In addition to our normal work rooms, we can also host seminars, workshops, expert discussions, presentations, and professional meetings. It is very motivating to have so much in one house - our offices on the second floor, as well as a seminar room, library and media collection, and a shipping room on the first floor.

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