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30 Years of the Institute for Peace Education

“Small is beautiful. This saying also applies to the Tübingen Institute for Peace Education and its multifaceted, constantly impressive and innovative activities. In particular, its multi-media opportunities for schools, youth work and adult education are very unique. Congratulations on your thirty-year anniversary! And above all: let the inspiration for your impressive work on peace continue to shine.”
Prof. Dr. Dieter Senghaas

30 Years of the Institute for Peace Education
1976 Founding of the Association for Peace Education Tübingen e.V.
1977 First project, supported by the Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management.
1978 First office built in the “Seelhausgasse” street.
1982 Office moved to “22 Bachgasse.”
1983 Awarded the Theodor-Heuss-Medal for commitment to civic issues.
1984 German Ministry of Finance withdraws the charitable status of the organisation until 1989.
1991 First project supported by funds from the German government (The Ministry for Education and Science).
1995 Establishment of the school project “Global Learning” in co-operation with the organisation “Bread for the World.”
1999 Awarded an honourable mention for Peace Education from UNESCO.
2001 The institute took over the management of the Hans-Götzelmann-Prize for the cartoon series a “Culture of Disputation” (Streitkultur) from the Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management.
2002 The institute changed its name to “Institute for Peace Education Tübingen e.V.” and moved offices to its present location in the Correnstrasse 12, 72076 Tübingen.
2005 UNESCO designates one of our projects as a “model project” for the Decade of Sustainable Development.
2006 30-year anniversary celebration for the Institute for Peace Education Tübingen

About the 30-Year Anniversary 2006
The German UNESCO Commission congratulates the Institute for Peace Education in Tübingen for its 30-year anniversary. In times when organizations and policies change so rapidly, one must praise the work of this internationally recognized institute over the past thirty years and recognize its extraordinary contribution to sustainable peace education.
Dr. Roland Bernecker, Secretary General of the German UNESCO-Commission

“Peace Education, which the Institute advocates, is imperative in this world which glorifies military solutions to conflicts. I congratulate you on your 30-year anniversary and wish you great success in your important future endeavours. In conclusion, I would like to say: “united we can!”
Felicia Langer, Lawyer and winner of the alternative Nobel Prize (Right Livelihood Award)

For your 30-year anniversary and for your 30 years of steadfast social commitment, I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart as the founding chairman of the Theodor-Heuss Foundation. One wishes that every country and every city could have an Institute for Peace Education so that people in the whole world would finally understand that it is possible to end conflicts peacefully. In this spirit, I wish you further success for the institute and for your future work.
Yours in solidarity,
Dr. Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, State Minister

I wish the Institute for Peace Education a bright future and also a trusting relationship with the Protestant church, which also believes in the importance of peace education according to the teachings of the great scholar Comenius.
Bishop Dr. Wolfgang Huber, Chairman of the Protestant Church Council of Germany

30 years of the Institute for Peace Education also means 30 years of the most intensive endeavours to create peaceful societies. Congratulations and also thank you for your efforts. Whether the world has become more peaceful since then is an open question. However it is true that efforts for peace today are just as necessary as they were 30 years ago. We must not stop what we are doing.
Dr. Gunter A. Pilz, Institute for Sports, University of Hannover

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