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International Expert Meeting - Feldafing, 9th -12th February 2004

Ed: Institut für Friedenspädagogik Tübingen, InWEnt, Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH

International Expert Meeting, Feldafing, 9-11 February 2004
"Promote Peace Education around the World", 24 S., DIN B5, 4c, incl. CD-ROM

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Sixty experts from around the world met early February 2004 in Feldafing, in order to explore and discuss the opportunities and prospects of peace education in the field of development cooperation.

Annually more than thirty wars and armed conflicts are emerging worldwide. Direct or indirect violence as well as discrimination and prosecution are part of everyday life and a bitter reality in many countries around the world. What difference can peace education make in this context? What are its prospects? The extraordinary significance of knowledge and education to managing the problems of the 21st century has been recognized ever more in recent years. Peace Education plays a decisive role in dealing with violence and conflict. Peace Educational approaches are gaining more and more significance to development cooperation. This is particularly true, when development cooperation takes place in regions of crises and conflict. Here, Peace Education is relevant in all phases of the conflict cycle, particularly in conflict prevention and post-conflict management. The demands on Peace Education vary in relation to the historical, cultural and geographical conditions and circumstances. Still, there are common similarities which peace educational measures have to consider in the field of development cooperation.


The CD-ROM features a complete documentation of the international expert meeting from February 9th –11th, in Feldafing.

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